Dear Sir, this is to express our appreciation of your professional services at 66 Dalvey Road, Singapre 259467. In particular your two staff Mr. IVAN CHEW and Mr. AZWIN WAN have been most efficient and professional in carrying out their duties and deserve special mention. May we take this opportunity to wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you.

Dr KD Chong, Residential Client


Thanks Jacyn for your precise follow up/updates which this is actually the first time I received a courtesy call from Antiants J after years. Special thanks to the team of dedicated team who has assist me during this period – Raship / Ivan – really appreciate it. Prior to the existing problems, Md Noh who was covering my area has definitely extended his greatest strength too. Thanks Nor.
Not forgetting a friend / customer / acquaintance – Edwin = he is the only 24/7 who is always responsive to my messages anytime/day with advices and guidance on how to react on our strange encounter. – Seeing rats, roaches, reptiles, python, termites – Thanks Edwin J. Cheers, Freda
Ms. Freda, Club July

Super duper service. Your service technicians appeared LIKE MAGIC after we spoke!! Thanks!
Mrs. Kwee, Residential Client

I would like take this opportunity to inform you that your technician, Mr Cheng Kok Leong, who came to our premises to conduct an inspection of our roof for termites control on 29 July 2012, did a marvelous and excellent job. As ours is a pre-war house and the roofing is quite high I was afraid that it would have posed as a difficult task for him but he carried out the inspection very well and thoroughly. Ultimately, after the work has been done, I discovered that he was covered with dust and dirt, not to imagine the hot air in the roof area. I was rather sorry to see the state he was in but Mr Cheng said that it is part and
parcel of his job and he has to do a good job as an employee. I truly would like to give credit to Mr Cheng as he not only take pride in his job but also portray as a good image for your company, Congratulations! Thank you again.
Janet Kwek, Residential Client

I am very pleased that you have sent me a very pleasant staff who has made efforts to go around the hotel premises to have his frequent visit schedule executed. He is someone with very good initiative and he respects every working staff. I have been in contact with him ever since he starting serving the Executive Office and I should say I have very positive comments on him.
Ms. Janet, Hotel and Resort

I would like to give complimentary to your staff name JoJo. We used to face a lot of ants at my outlet, but ever since he came and do a routine check everything was in good condition. I was proud because he make an extra effort by climbing to check on my cabinet and walls to make sure no holes and no ants.
Good job JoJo and the rest.Thank you and regards.

Ms. Dayang, Senior Management of Pasha

Your company technician Mr Chang Kok Leong is a very extraordinary staff, and serves people with sincerity, work hard, and at the same time very professional. Each question being asked, he can be structured to answer, so that we understand a lot about white ants / termite. He served our house since last year contract, and we felt very satisfied to his each service and hope you can appreciate his talents and be rewarded. Thank you! I wish you all work happily!

Ms. & Mr. Koh, Residential Client

Thank you, Mr. Fuad is an excellent pest controller.

Bavana Sachidanand, Residential Client

Excellent service on Friday. My mother-in-law was quite impressed with person who did the outdoor treatment, and is hoping he will be regular person delivering service.We will most certainly mention your good service to our friends, as have always been pleased.

Dr. Pat Casey , Residential client

Professional, knowledgeable, thorough in his checking; would request for his regular service.

Francis Chong, Residential Client

Technician Mr. Chang is polite and very helpful. Most importantly, he perform his duties very well and really combed all the areas for any pest. A diligent worker.

Jeremiah Tan, Emmanuel Assembly of God

So far Haagen Dazs are very satisfied with the service provided by Antiants for the past years. We hope to continue our good relationship with Antiants and produce good results to all our shops. Technician servicing are prompt and also report/service chits are sent promptly every month without fail. Your company provides us with excellent quality customer service and result that makes us trust Antiants till date. Cheers!

Karen Chen, Haagen Dazs

I must congratulate Antiants on having a good staff. Over the past few months, he has been responsible for ensuring that the baiting stations at our offices and also at our warehouse. Apart from his work attittude, he is friendly and yet respectful in his interactions with my superiors and colleagues, in the course of his inspection. He also projects his professionalism, friendly disposition and positiveness during such inspections. He is also knowledgeable in his work and is able to clearly explain to my superiors and colleagues the purpose of his monthly inspections when asked.

Mr. Duncan, Commercial Client

Hi! Thank you for your professional services rendered to our premises. I would like to commend your company for the high qualityof trained personel. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to our business associates should the need arises.

Mr. Jackson, Industrial client

I am very satisfied about the work done by your colleague. He was also kind and knows a lot about his work. We have much less

Marielle Veldhuis, residential client

The men came as organized on saturday morning and were very professional.

Ms. Chris Hanley, Residential client

Very good service! Your technician Ivan is very friendly and professional.

Wunderlich Isabella, residential client

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to you and your staffs for the services rendered for the corrective treatment at my premises. Special mention must be said of your staff performances, especially of the efficient and systematic work carried out by your technical staff. I must commend that they are fully co-operative, showed good team spirit and are courteous at all times. In fact, I have recommended my next door neighbour to use your services and being a satisfied customer, I would not hesitate at all to recommend your services to anyone should a need arises in the future. Thanks once again.

Ms. Janet, Residential client

I”m writing to commend on the services rendered by your staff who came to my place for the first inspection and the follow-up service. He made the effort to explain the inspection process and results, the proposed solutions and even offered advice on how to look for signs of rodent activities. We are very happy with the service and professionalism of technician, and I am glad to have signed up with Antiants. We will definitely recommend Antiants to anyone looking for pest control services.

Ms. Priscilla, Residential client

The members of your company exhibited professional level of service from the first call to the delivery of services. The level of work and good advice has made it more than value for money to me

Ms. Sabrina Teo, Residential client

Technical staffs (Nizam & Zainal) are very attentive and helpful. Overall performance is very good. Keep it up!

Ng Po Koon, Nikko Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd

We are very pleased with the service, and staffs are always very polite and helpful.

Oakden, residential client

Ivan Chew is very courteous, cooperative and helpful.

Relc International Hotel

I am very pleased with Malik and Jo Lynn”s professionalism on work, advices and prompt services. They are well-trained and courteous when carrying out their duties. Thank you.

Shirley Lee, Asia Pacific Breweries (S) Pte Ltd


Rentokil Initial has recently entered a business acquisition of Antiants (S) Pte Ltd, a Small Medium Enterprise that provides pest control, fumigation and landscape services in Singapore and Malaysia. Established since 1976, the company services an array of sectors including Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The business managed pest control services, including termite treatment, rodent control, ants and cockroach treatments, mosquito control, flies management program and bedbug treatment. We are confident with this strategic synergy in place, our business activities, innovations and service standards will be further enhanced and taken to ahigher notch for our valued customers.

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