As general when we talk about “termite” most of us will refer it as “White Ant”.

Termites are beneficial insects in nature by breaking down dead trees and wood materials to the soil as organic matter. However, these tiny size creatures will become very destructive when they invade into the building properties.

Commonly household species is Subterranean Termite (Coptotermes gestroi).


Any Subterranean Termite can cause huge damage to houses and properties when they start to feed on the cellulose-based material from the building structure. The level of damages is often determined by the existing active Subterranean Termite colony size and early detection of such infestation.

What We Provide

A scientifically proven Termite Elimination Programme (TEP).

How do you know if your house is infested?

- MUD TUBES: Presence of mud tubes from the ground to the infested wood. The tubes provide shelter for the foraging termites.
- SWARMERS: Swarming termites are attracted to light. Therefore, swarmers indoors are often found around lighting fixtures, windows, doors and vents. Also, large numbers of discarded termite wings on windowsills, floors or in spider webs are a sure sign of infestation.
- WOOD DAMAGE: Presence of dark areas or blisters in wood flooring. The galleries can be detected by tapping the wood every few inches with the handle of a screwdriver.

How do we solve your problems? We have 5 different Termite Control treatments depending of your needs and the size of the infestation:

1. Corrective treatment: Coring, drilling & injecting of termiticide solution AGENDA 10SC into the soil will be carried out around the external perimeter structure wall, pillars and internal area of infestation and common sharing wall.

2. Xterm Termite Baiting System: Termite baiting is an environmentally friendly way of treating termite infestations, using very small amounts of a pest-specific chemical in a non-disruptive low hazard application.

3. Maintenance programme (with termite powder): This treatment is used to control active termites in and around existing buildings. The powder is applied directly to the active termites by a puffer device, so that the powder may be carried back to the nest.

4. Roof treatment: Prevent the termites attack by creating an internal protection for wood.

5. Foam Treatment: Foam concentrates fill in where termiticides can’t reach.

Why choose Antiants for you Termite Control?

All our technicians are highly trained and licensed professionals to protect the heath and property of homeowners, public entities and private businesses.

* To give our customers greater assurance, we warrant the effectiveness of our corrective treatment for five (5) years and undertake the responsibility to carry out re-treatment should there be a re-infestation of Subterranean Termites within the warranty period.

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