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All that you need to know about:
Termites, commonly called “White Ants”

What are termites?

White bodied, wood destroying insects (commonly called “White Ants”).

Termites, like Ants are social insects and live in Colonies. A termite colony is made up of the queen, king, winged reproductive, soldiers and worker termites. Each member of the family has a different job to perform and all are dependent upon each other for the colony to survive.

How termites work?

Colonies are highly organized, allowing termites to be efficient and are very destructive when they attack our structures. Termites eat wood and convert wood fiber, or cellulose, into sugar.

A large termite colony can do extensive damage to structures made of wood.

Termites devour the interior of wood sources (roof timbers, timber floorings and doorframes) leaving only a wafered shell with the hard layers left behind. Inside these hollowed out sections, the termites pack moist soil, which is essential to their survival.

Termite colony composition

Termite Queen & King – The sole purpose of the queen is to lay eggs and she is extremely large in comparison to her off-spring. She will lay more than 2000 eggs per day and can live beyond 25 years. The queen and king reside in the central chamber of the nest and are well protected and cared for in by the worker termites.

Worker Termite - The workers make up the largest part of the termite colony. They construct the tunnels, tend to the queen, king and nymphs, feed the soldiers, repair and enlarge the colony, groom each other, gather the food, and are responsible for causing damage to wood. Worker termites are blind, sterile, have a life span of two years, and work 24/7.

Soldier Termites – They are in charge to defend the colony from their enemy: ants. Soldiers are orange colored and have an armored head with pinchers which are used to crush ants.

Termite Swarmer – Also known as “swarmers” or “alates”, male and female winged reproductives will swarm during daylight hours. Poor flyers and swept by the wind, swarmers that find a mate will release their wings, burrow underground, and become the queen and king of a new termite family. Swarming occurs when a mature nest is well established and a warning that pest control services are needed.

Can home owners treat termites?

There are multiple over the counter treatments claiming to treat termite infestation; however, none seem to be very successful because termites tend to re-infest after these control methods fail. Termites are very destructive insects and will cause considerable damage to a home or structure if not treated correctly.

The good news, is that a licensed exterminator who is certified and experienced in termite control can provide a solution to your termite problem.

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