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Garden Nursery and Durian Trip with the Association of Singapore Housekeepers’ members and Antiants.

Saturday 30 of June, the Association of Singapore Housekeepers (ASH) organized a trip sponsored by Antiants, to visit a Garden Nursery and Durian Farm in Malaysia.

The first stop, after crossing Singapore border via Tuas Checkpoint, was a simple but delicious Dim Sum breakfast in Johor Bahru.

Charged with battery after the dim sum, everybody was ready to start the adventure. Our bus depart to Yong Peng, and after one a half-hour of travelling, we arrived at Lian Mong nursery.

There, we had the opportunity to learn about different kind of plants the maintenance of a beautiful garden area. Some people took the opportunity to buy some plants and bring it at home.

After the nursery, we stopped at Yong Peng Restaurant where we enjoyed a 9-course lunch, but being mindful to keep space in our stomach for the durians later during tea break time.

On our way to visit the Durian Farm, a quick stop at the obligatory local products stores where everybody grabbed everything and almost anything that is edible.

There was also a stop at the noodles factory and outlet where we had the opportunity to learn how to prepare traditional noodles and buy some of these exquisite noodle products.

Finally, what everybody was expecting! The Durian Farm: Tour and Eating. Everybody was so excited (ASH members and Antiants staffs) to finally arrived there, and during 1 hour we enjoyed a tastefully durian buffet. MmMmMmMmMm. Definitely, the ‘king of fruits’.

And so we left Malaysia filled to the brim with food in the stomach and our bags. ;)

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