Garden Nursery and Durian Trip with the Association of Singapore Housekeepers’ members and Antiants.

Garden Nursery and Durian Trip with the Association of Singapore Housekeepers’ members and Antiants.

Saturday 30 of June, the Association of Singapore Housekeepers (ASH) organized a trip sponsored by Antiants, to visit a Garden Nursery and Durian Farm in Malaysia. The first stop, after crossing Singapore border via [...]

Rodents: Identification, Prevention &  Control

Rodents: Identification, Prevention & Control

RODENTS: PREVENTION & CONTROL Roof Rat   Norway Rat Habitat and Identification Rodents colonize in attics, burrows, under concrete and porches, in wall voids and other hard to reach places. In Singapore, the most [...]

All that you need to know about:<br/> Termites, commonly called “White Ants”

All that you need to know about:
Termites, commonly called “White Ants”

What are termites? White bodied, wood destroying insects (commonly called “White Ants”). Termites, like Ants are social insects and live in Colonies. A termite colony is made up of the queen, king, winged reproductive, [...]

Tips concerning mosquitoes

Tips concerning mosquitoes

There are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes worldwide. Out of all of these species, there’s one thing they all have in common – they need water to complete their life cycle and reproduce. [...]


Rentokil Initial has recently entered a business acquisition of Antiants (S) Pte Ltd, a Small Medium Enterprise that provides pest control, fumigation and landscape services in Singapore and Malaysia. Established since 1976, the company services an array of sectors including Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The business managed pest control services, including termite treatment, rodent control, ants and cockroach treatments, mosquito control, flies management program and bedbug treatment. We are confident with this strategic synergy in place, our business activities, innovations and service standards will be further enhanced and taken to ahigher notch for our valued customers.

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